MUET and SSUET Leads for becoming part of EU Capacity Building in Higher Education Project:MUET and SSUET Delegates participates in the 1st CENTRAL project meeting in Thailand held at College of Arts, Media and Technology (CAMT) , Chiang Mai University (CMU) having the Theme: “Integration of ICT Tools in Innovative Educational Practice & Business Modeling” to reflect on the joint long-term persistent endeavors to reveal the full potential of robust communication techniques, networks, systems, and services to provide capabilities that will revolutionize the global use of ICT in education, finally for business incubation. CENTRAL (Capacity building and ExchaNge towards attaining Technological Research and modernizing Academic Learning) aims at developing and implementing academic educational curricula with an international orientation in content and/or form, aimed at preparing students for performing (professionally/socially) in an international and multicultural context and designed for domestic and/or foreign (international) students. CENTRAL is aimed at enabling employability, internationalization and interdisciplinary engagement of students and graduates, as well as research staff. Three countries of Europe and three countries of Asia including Pakistan are the partners of a consortium of this one million Euros project. Professor Chowdhry, Coordinator from MUET informed that the project also aims the development of ICT and skill-based curriculum as per needs of stakeholders:
• Development of Online Project-based Learning model and software usable for all partner HEIs
• Development of mutually beneficial business training module, business models and joint ventures.
• Conversions of Ideas into innovative products leading to joint research and publications.

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