Arduino Day 2018: Sensing and Controlling Real World Using Arduino – Published in DECEMBER 2018 issue of the IEEE ComSoc Global Communications Newsletter (GCN)

By Anum Talpur, Mehran UET, Pakistan The Department of Telecommunication (TL) Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro, organized this two-day workshop to celebrate Arduino Day 2018 with the partnership of the IoT Research Labortory (TL, Dept.) and IEEE ComSoc Karachi. The title of the workshop was “Sensing […]

IEEEP All Pakistan Students Seminar

Committed to raise research quality, emerging areas of eng & tech: Aslam Uqaili Higher Education Commission (HEC) is endeavoring for enhancing the potential of higher education institutions for supporting socio-economic transformation under CPEC with a focus on development of quality human resource, civilizational harmony and […]